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Of course, I believe in voting straight Republican as I am a conservative traditionalist.



Florida Supreme Court Judges:
All these judges are good except Jorge Labarga.


The Florida Supreme Court is different from the US Supreme Court in a few ways, one such way, is that the Governor appoints justices as seats become available, this just as the president does for US Supreme Court, but instead of requiring “senate consent”, the Florida Supreme Court justices have to be voted on by the People to retain their seat every 6 years.

Currently there are 5 out of the 7 up for such a retention vote. All of the justices on the Court at this time were either appointed by Charlie Crist (back when he was a “Republican” governor) or DeSantis. All judges are constitutional traditionalist and have voted well in the eyes of a conservative, except for Jorge Labraga, who although was appointed by a Republican governor (Crist), he has voted against the other justices on several occasions including issues such as abortion in 2017- he is the only remaining judge who voted on the side of Planned Parenthood in that case.

Leftist/progressive activist groups are advocating voters to vote “no” for all the judges on the ballot except for Labarga.

Removing Labarga would give DeSantis another judge appointment should he win a second term as governor. However, never have voters voted out a supreme court justice in Florida so there are not high hopes here!



The Appeals Court in Florida functions in a very similar way as the Supreme Court of Florida (appointments by Governor and retention votes by citizens). All of these judges are with good records for the conservative voter except Jay Cohen. He was appointed by Crist when he was the Florida Republican governor at the time. Most recently he was the lone dissenting vote in favor of Orange County’s rent control measure (which is on the ballot). The court said that it was inconsistent with state law (specifically a 1977 law that disallows local governments to control rent). He dissented stating the emergency was too grave and the county is justified in places control measures such as proposed in the ballot measure. In the conservatives’ mind, he is wrong, the situation does not justify pseudo-socialism.



Does not apply to West Orange Residents... we are District 01:
Orange County Commission District 6 is a very blue area… all the candidates in this race were Democrats. Nobody made over 50% of the vote in August so the top two area in a runoff. Between these two (it is a nonpartisan seat) Mike Scott is drastically better than Lawanna, she is a radical. Mike Scott is certainly a Democrat but a veteran and much more moderate. I know him personally and he is a good person.



Soil and Water is a nonpartisan position… Campbell is an incumbent and she is very liked among the Democrat Party. Vicente is a registered Republican.



There are multiple ways to get an amendment placed on the Florida Constitution. Unlike the US Constitution, which is much more broad and narrow to the framework of the government and prohibitions of certain powers.

All 3 current amendments have been proposed via the State Legislator in this election’s case. Knowing the legislator is very Republican, it gives you an idea of where a conservative may stand on these.

This amendment (No. 1) will open the door for the legislator to pass law that will protect responsible home owners who are trying to make improvements to their homes against flooding. It does this by allowing the state to prohibit local governments from assessing higher property tax values based on those sorts of improvements (improvements relating to flood protection).



Amendment 2:
One such way our state constitution could be amended is via the “Constitution Review Committee”. This committee is not an elected committee but appointed. They meet every 20 years and decide on what amendments they should place on the ballot. This unelected committee placed a bunch of amendments on the 2018 ballot that bundled issues together making it confusing and unjust for voters to make decisions. I believe with the 4 other ways to amend the state constitution this elitest unselect body has no purpose except corruption.



Amendment 3:
This will authorize the legislature to grant an additional homestead exemption (up to $50K) for homestead property owned by classroom teachers, law enforcement officers, correctional officers, firefighters, emergency medical technicians, paramedics, child welfare services professionals, active duty members of the United States Armed Forces, and Florida National Guard members. Unlike Amendment 1, the legislature has already passed a bill to implement this amendment, the governor already signed it, so this basically makes it constitutionally permitted and allows for the bill to become active.



Penny Tax:
I know what you are thinking… is Austin a RINO? Voting yes to a new tax? Ha. I do not blame anyone thinking that to be honest. I loathe tax… but as George Washington said about government and its functions “necessary evil”.

Orange County is facing a very large crisis and does not have the revenue to confront it. Many who have been in Orange County for the last two decades will remember “Ax the Tax” this is the organization that helped to defeat a similar attempt (and others) for a tax to fund transportation efforts in 2003. However this time is different and the organization itself (in its new form) has a very weak push against the tax. That is because it is supported widely by businesses, municipalities, Democrats, and Republicans. It truly is a bi-partisan effort based on the critical need.
Some points:

- This is a sales tax that will bring our Orange County tax to 7.5% rather than 6.5%.


- It exist to fund transportation issues that are here and looming. Previous revenue, which was already insufficient, for transit is depleting in revenue every year due to the gas tax depletion as electric cars become more prevalent and more people work from home. This tax will generate 600 million (estimated) annually.

- 45 percent dedicated to safety and roads (includes maintenance and drainage), 45 percent dedicated to transit services (capital, operations and maintenance) and 10 percent for individual municipalities’ transportation needs and priorities beyond Orange County’s responsibility.

- Near or over half of the tax generated from this is estimated to be paid by tourist (who destroy or roads and clog our traffic yet do not currently contribute to their maintenance or progressions in development).

- The Sunrail disaster is also a looming problem as soon the expense for this (currently paid by DOT) will be placed onto the Stakeholder Board which includes Orange County. This will help fund that expense as the Sunrail is a failing project. One additional note that is to be accomplished is a rail from the airport to Disney/Universal. A rail that actually makes sense which people will use.

- Whether we like the fact that federal dollars are allocated or not, it is a fact that federal dollars are already being allocated to local governments that invest in their infrastructure. This will allow the county to benefit from those dollars by a matching program from the Federal Govt. The money will be spent, Orange County might as well benefit as we pay federal taxes too.

- Although Orange County Government has some social programs that need to go, it generally does lead a pretty lean budget. Even cutting back these sorts of programs would come nowhere near what is needed.

- Conservatives loathe taxation, but when taxes must occur (which they must as the necessary evil statement represents), conservatives prefer consumption taxes. Why? Because they are most fair and equal in a society. Rather than penalizing people for doing a good job and earning a living or developing capital gains, etc… citizens are taxed based on what they consume in the market. Of course this tax would NOT apply to essential foods, such as bread and milk, or any other food items that are not taxed. There is also a cap on high purchases, so the tax will NOT be applied past the first $5K of a given transaction.

-Orange County has a major transit/traffic problem with no current revenue to work on it. This will provide it and be paid LARGELY by tourism. A very rare time I support a new tax. It is needed. Many R’s hate this because it is known as “Demings” Tax… he did not create it. He is just the current mayor fueling it, a Republican Mayor would also support it based on what we see, such as the two most recent West Orange (Republican) commissioners supporting it (VanderLey and Boyd).



Rent Control:
This is an encroachment on private property rights that does not solve the issue they want to solve. Just another way for progressives to take control of the economy, the Orange County Commission believes they can regulate the rent to solve the housing crisis in Orange County. In other progressive cities and counties across the country this has been a total failure when tried (like all versions of socialism). The issue is supply and demand, more supply to meet demand is needed… less bureaucracy that is making it difficult for those who seek to create residential opportunities within the county. The court already placed a stay on this stating it conflicts with Florida Law (there is a 1977 law that prohibits governments in the state from placing rent controls such as described in this measure).


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