1.            I will be voting for Daniel Webster. It is true he is somewhat of a long in the tooth politician now, but he is a good Christian man. I have a theory that he only ran because Loomer was running for that seat, I suspect he would have otherwise retired this year. I cannot vote for Loomer in this case and hope I will never have to. She speaks well and says all the right points but she is very radical, unexperienced, emotional, and provocative.  An AOC for the Republican party. She is an activist, not a representative of people. In 2 years we can replace Webster and I am sure he will retire.


2.            Wilton Simpson all the way. He is current State Senate President and a true conservative. Endorsed by Trump, DeSantis, and Sheriff Grady Judd. This is a partisan race, both candidates on the ballet are Republican and will face the Democrat nominee in November. 


3.            Although this is a closed primary election- you find two Democrats on your ballet because no Republican ran for this seat. It is because (sadly) our Senate District lines are very Blue. Therefore, no Republican bothered wasting time and money trying. So this is actually the “general” election for this seat. This is a tough question. I believe I will leave the question blank on moral grounds. Personally, I do not know if I can ever vote for a Democrat with how far this party has gone toward evil. However, I understand the argument of throwing away my vote and allowing it easier for the more radical of the two Democrats to get into office. If you decide to vote on this seat, I would strongly recommend Kamia Brown as the “lesser of two evils”- she is more moderate. Thompson is a very far Left State Rep currently and needs to be removed from public office.

4.           State Rep: In district 39, Doug Bankson is the true and good Christian Conservative. We do all of his social media, graphics, and videos. In District 45, I am supporting Vennia Francois. She is a responsible and experienced Republican. We do all over her website presence, video, social, etc. I am friends with Bruno in that race too, he is a good Christian man. I would support either but have big concerns about Carolina and hope she does not win.

5.           Judge seats can be very tough because we know little about them often and their election rules restrict a lot of what they can say during a campaign without fear of campaign violation. Sometimes the decision is clear for those who have records that speak to radicalism or otherwise. In this case both candidates seem to be supported by certain conservative circles. However, I will absolutely NOT be supporting Pappas. I got a very bad feeling about Pappas when watching the candidate talk with the Orlando Sentinel, her demeanor was contrived (I acknowledge that is a subjective analysis) and she used many alarming buzz words that led me to believe we have a woke lawyer on our hands that wants to be a judge. I will be voting Alison Kerestes- Judge Starr has told me that she “adores” her, so that strengthens my pen.


6.            Beamer is the undisputed conservative’s choice.


7.            Chiu is the undisputed conservative’s choice.


8.           Bain is the undisputed conservative’s choice and awesome, former NFL player turned lawyer- appt'dto judge by DeSantis.


9.            Starr is the undisputed conservative’s choice. Her opponent is a LGB++++ activist (self-proclaimed). We did her campaign video!


10.          Miller is the undisputed conservative’s choice.


11.         Gibson is the undisputed conservative’s choice.


12.         This is a sad case, Jerry Demings will not be beat by any of these candidates on August 23rd. They are all very weak. Semrad is to the Left of Demings but the other two are the conservative choices. I believe the only chance we have in this election is if the 3 candidates opposing Demings get enough votes combined to trigger a runoff. If Demings gets 50% plus one vote, then he wins... otherwise top two go to a runoff election. If that happens maybe there will be enough attention to rally an anti-Demings vote but I do not believe this will happen. I will be voting for Tony Sabb, I feel he is stronger than Messina- although both are a bit disappointing.


Depending on Orange County Commission District there are a couple races. In parts of District 39, Christy Moore is up for re-election. She is very moderate but is the only Republican left on the county commission, I support her.


14.         This election reminds me exactly of the Orange County Mayor election (#12). Same comments about weak opposition… in this case to Teresa Jacobs- who yes is a registered Republican but is known to personally self-proclaim she is a “RINO” while laughing among friends. She was pretty disgraceful during COVID and regarding the Parental Rights Bill… she loved to cover our children’s faces with masks and speaks condescendingly about our Governor and Conservative State Reps. I will not be voting for her. Among the two weak opposition candidates I am voting for Demensio Barton.

15. School Board Property Tax (millage)…. I say no way. They have enough tax dollars to cover needs by stopping wasteful spending at OCPS. They need to reevaluate the budget before coming to voters during a recession for more money.